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Why we are awesome

A brief history of who we are and how we plan to serve the pets in this country.
  • We are pet owners not shopkeepers. ALL our employees must own a pet. No exceptions.

  • We know what we sell because we use it ourselves. Vinod owns (or is owned by) Buddy the Beagle. Every day, Buddy eats Acana Lamb & Apple. He plays with Zogoflex Jive. And he uses the PetHead Oatmeal Shampoo. So when you ask us if your itchy Labrador can use a particular product, we would understand your requirement like no one else in the Indian market.

  • We do not compete on number of brands. We have no intention of stocking every tom dick and harry product available out there. If you want some of the biggest (but in our not so humble opinion not good at all) names in the market – we won’t sell them. Period. Not now not ever. Because we won’t feed our pets those products and will not recommend you to do so.

  • We do not offer cheap products. We offer value. You will find some of our lines a wee bit expensive than what is being sold in the market. But drill deeper and you will find the reason. The products are special. They have been chosen with the same love and care that you as a pet parent would invest in your pets.

  • We continuously scour the world for better stuff to bring to India. We do not wait for brands to come to the country and then jump the bandwagon. We engage with the best out there and figure out ways how the global best can be made available to our pets here.

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