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Our Story

Few good things are born out of frustration. This website is one of them. As owners of three lovely dogs in India, we faced a constant battle to procure best supplies for our fur kids. Most available food in India was of such low quality that no pet owner in right mind would feed it. They were manufactured by big corporations whose main aim was profit maximization. No one cared that our dogs were not supposed to have grain in his food. No one really listened to our complaints of increased Vet visits due to poor ingredients. The best available in India was just not good enough. Individually imported food was too expensive, it's supply intermittent and the services abysmal.

So we decided to take things in our own hands. We scoured the world for best possible pet food and supplies and got in contact with the manufacturers. We understood in detail the science behind their formulas and got down to setting up a supply chain within the country to distribute it. By Feb 2014, we were up and running! 

At dogkart.in, we carry those brands of pet food, treats and supplies including some of the highest quality brands that are not available locally. And we send all your purchases directly to your door. For the majority of our customers, that means products arrive right at your doorstep in around 7 days. Plus, since the courier guy is now doing the carrying for you, you can go ahead and order the largest sizes of what you feed your pets, which usually means you can save as much as 20% just by purchasing a big 30lb bag instead of 2 15lb bags. And that's what it's all about, isn't it? Helping you save time and money while making sure you can keep your little furballs happy and healthy? Thank you for being a customer. We love your pets!

Our Purpose

We exist to provide Indian pets the globally best available products in India. We intend to do it at a cost which is affordable to most and at a service level which matches the product quality. 
We aim to be thought leaders in the field of pet nutrition in the country and act as a hub for similar minded professionals and individuals. 
We strive to bring joy to you and your pet on a daily basis. If we our products are not successful in the same, we will take them back!

Our Values

We will never put up anything here which we are not comfortable feeding our own pets. Everything we carry meets our rigorous standards and is assured to be safe and effective for your pet.

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