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Pet Parenting

Posted by Vinod Sharma 12/20/2017

Having any dog baby is a blessing no one can fully describe in words. But there are many things we need to know before we bring these cuties in our lives.

I am a proud Bullmastiff Mom and would like to share a few things with all of you out there who are planning to adopt (or buy) a dog.

There are many things that we all should consider before we go ahead and bring a furry pet home. I remember, me and my brother surfing the net for days and reading all that we could about dogs and the chosen breed – the Bullmastiff before we actually got her.

Dogs are a lifelong commitment

First and foremost thing to consider is whether you and your family are ready for such a commitment. Dogs are not toys that can be bought, brought or gifted to according to our wimps and fancies. They are just as big a decision to make as having / or not having a baby.

Selecting the right breed is very important

We must not select a puppy only because he/she is cute. We must know what this puppy will grow up and look like. In fact looks (beauty of a breed) are not the most things to consider while choosing the perfect breed for you and your family. Temperament, size and health problems associated with each breed must be considered carefully. Every breed had specific needs in terms of diet (how much), care or grooming and energy levels. I knew that I personally could never have a super active dog that needs a lot of exercise and super long walks.

Please read and know all that you can before you choose a breed.

Dogs need our time and attention every day

Dogs should not be isolated from the family. Every dog needs and derives the attention of his pack (human family). Consider carefully just how much time you can give your dog every day. I personally feel that homes that do not allow dogs inside the house, do not deserve to have dogs at all. People who are too busy to spend time with their dogs on a daily basis should also not have a dog.

Please consider that each puppy has the ability to love unconditionally and every right to be a part of your home and life.

Considering your dog, your child

Just like it is our duty to provide for and educate our children, so is the case with our dogs. A dog, his temperament and behavior has a lot to do with the family he (or she) is in. We can mould their personalities and they are forever ready to adjust according to our desires. All we need to do is be patient and teach them well.

 Start by realizing that every dog is unique. He/she needs attention, care and training. Consistency is the key and it will make us proud parents.

Never blame a dog for his misconduct. It is the parent (owner, as some phrase it) who is and should be responsible or answerable for.

If you have read the above, considered well and decided to become a Dog parent - Welcome to the world of unconditional love, joy